Deadline 2013-04-30

Call 6 aims at the development of ICT-based solutions which enable older adults to continue managing their occupation – at work in an office, a factory or any working environment; in a first or subsequent career, in paid or voluntary occupation including local social activities – while preserving health and motivation to remain active.

Occupation in the context of this Call 6 is defined as paid and unpaid activity that results in benefit for the community, society and economy. The AAL Joint Programme is looking for ICT solutions to promote, enhance and sustain:

  • paid activity (including but not exclusive to professional, entrepreneurial/small business and self-employment)
  • unpaid activity (e.g. volunteering, knowledge sharing, counselling).

The AAL Joint Programme aims at innovative and ICT-based solutions delivered through applied research and development activities, which are financially sustainable and underpinned by a credible business case at proposal submission stage. Projects are expected to target market needs and demands. Find more information on the topical areas which are in the scope of the present Call 6 in the chapter entitled “Description”.

Closure date for applying: 30 April 2013, 17 h 00 Central European Time (CET)

Documents and tools

  • Download the call text here and the accompanying Guide for Applicants here.
  • A proposal is composed of two parts – part A with financial and organizational information and part B with the proposal text addressing the call topics.
  • The part B template can be downloaded  here..
  • The electronic submission tool to enter the part A information and upload the part B:http://proposals.aal-europe.eu
Partner search web site:  http://ps.aal-europe.eu

Additional documentation: IPR template – Consortium Agreement